Machu Picchu Tour
Так что ваша экскурсия тоже чудо

Visit the Citadel of Machu Picchu. This excursion is open to everybody, all year round, and consists on a round-trip by train from Cusco and the entrance to the famous Citadel. The other options are offered "a la carte".

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Before you make this fabulous excursion for yourself, we invite you to join us on a virtual tour within Peruvian Andes and to find out why Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 most beautiful sites of the World. Now, take a breath, imagine and dream, you are almost in Machu Picchu... Welcome!

You can also purchase your entrance tickets to Machu Picchu only from our dedicated website:
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Полюбуйтесь прекрасными андскими пейзажами по пути.
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Откройте для себя красивые Андские пейзажи по пути на поезде.
Цитадель Мачу-Пикчу
Полюбуйтесь всем великолепием восьмого Чуда света.
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Поделитесь с нами отличными моментами.
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Вы проведете первую ночь в куполе со всеми удобствами.
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We also offer the Inca Trail and Salcantay treks and Machu Picchu entrance tickets.
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